The unique demands involved in nursing home management

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It is the responsibility of care home management to lead and manage the day-to-day running of a nursing home. They are in charge of dealing with the main tasks of running the nursing home while also ensuring that they adhere to regulations and specific standards of practice.

What does the role entail and what challenges are faced?

The main priority and primary objective is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all residents. This includes fulfilling all of their needs and making sure they are cared for in any way necessary. However, there is also the financial viability of the service that has to be maintained and so, this becomes a crucial role.

The role comes with a large amount of responsibility and it is vital that management ensure that a high level of care is delivered and that the home operates efficiently and effectively. Alongside this, management also have to make sure that staffing levels are met as they need to deliver a level of care without feeling as though they are under pressure.

Staffing challenges

One of the challenges faced by management is staff retention as well as recruitment. In order to deliver a level of care that meets the needs of all residents, management have to select the right staff who have the skills, experience and the personality to work in a demanding environment. Therefore, it is important that management have the right skills to determine the right people for their roles as this is detrimental to the service and care that the home provides.

Financial Challenges

Budgets, income and expenditures all form part of the daily running of a nursing home. It is a sector that is financially demanding and with government funding being reduced and an increase in staffing costs, the budgets have to be managed even more intricately. So, management have to make some difficult decisions that can have an impact on staff and residents.

What Difficulties have to be managed?

There has been a significant increase in liability, paperwork, documentation and management autonomy. All of this takes time and can remove a manager from having the ability to supervise staff in the same way as they once did. Therefore, they have to spread their time more thinly to cover all aspects of the role which takes a lot of planning and managing. Management have to observe and look for good practice as well as check for cleanliness while also making themselves approachable to staff, family and residents.

The Legal responsibilities faced by management

Managers have a huge amount of responsibility when it comes to the legalities surrounding the management of a nursing home. They are legally responsible for training, food hygiene, protecting residents and safety. It is important that they manage the relations with care inspectorate and ensure that they are compliant with all of the relevant guidelines. Along with this, it is vital that they employ staff who are able to continue safe working practices and work responsibly while adhering to the remit of employment law. Their responsibility runs further than this as they have to report any concerns relating to adult protection. Managers have a duty to ensure that all staff are appropriately trained and are registered with the relevant bodies and so, their legal responsibilities are constantly increasing.

The Required Skills and Attitudes

Working in a nursing home requires a number of skills that are wide and varied and are particularly unique. The main priority of a nursing home is to care for its residents and so, a manager will need to understand the relevant levels of care expected legally. They will need to consider the nutrition, mobility and overall health of residents which requires the ability to monitor, identify and manage on a daily basis. The aim is deliver personalised care that is tailored to the needs of each individual.

It is not just the care or staff that they have to manage because they also have to manage the running of a business because a nursing home will have budgets that require managing and that requires knowledge and experience.

At Big Bear Recruitment, we understand the challenges that you face in nursing home management and aim to help your endeavour to provide the best care for your residents. Whilst ensuring that your nurses have the opportunity to develop and find fulfilment in their roles. Get in touch with one of our dedicated recruitment consultants if you are looking to work in nursing home management, or if you are looking for care staff.

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